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    CPL and ATPL
Status Aviation and Question Bank have collaborated to bring you the ultimate aviation theoretical training solutions

Theoretical knowledge retention reduces with time (people forget).

The CPL(A) & ATPL(A) Brush-up courses are designed to speak to the key topics of the relevant modules.

These course are highly concentrated and are presented over 3 evenings of facilitation by one of dedicated instructors with the assumption that a solid foundational understanding of the content is already in place.

Air Law and Operational Procedures (CPL)
Flight Planning and Performance (CPL/ATPL)
Aircraft Technical and General Principles of Flight (CPL/ATPL)
Aviation Meteorology (CPL/ATPL)
Radio Aids (CPL/ATPL)
Human Performance (CPL)
Instruments and Electronics (CPL/ATPL)
Navigation (ATPL)
General Navigation and Plotting (CPL)

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