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SACAA Online Distance Learning

Leading solutions for CPL and ATPL

Study from anywhere

Courses are available anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Now you can study effectively even if you are on contract in remote locations.

Comprehensive courses

Each module is designed by leading experts in the field and contains all the necessary knowledge to ensure you pass the first time.

Instant access

When you sign up for a subscription you will have instant access to all the content. No deliveries, no fuss.

Cost effective

Online distance learning provides in depth, comprehensive content that is easy to follow and set up by leading experts and only costs a fraction of the price of typical instruction or ground school.

Study at your own pace

Whether you are studying full time, or only have an hour a day, our courses can be completed at your preferred pace.

Mutli-faceted learning

Our distance learning subjects make use of various forms of learning including, videos, examples, exercises, summaries, etc. Ensuring that the knowledge sticks with you.

Limited access 3 day free trial versions are available

We are proud to announce the initial launch of our Online Distance Learning courses for the SACAA CPL and ATPL subjects.

Our online distance learning program allows you to progress at your own pace. Our courses are comprehensive and provide all the necessary knowledge required to pass the relevant SACAA examinations.
Each module is designed by leading experts in the field ensuring that you get the best guidance and content not only for the SACAA examinations, but for grasping and understanding key concepts required as a professional pilot.
We are developing the best online distance learning solutions. Currently, we have development plans to bring you new subjects regularly. You will find our scheduled release dates below as well as the subjects that have already been completed:

*please note that our release schedules are provided to give you an indication but they are subject to change.


CPL - Flight Planning and Performance

ATPL - Flight Planning and Performance

CPL - Navigation

ATPL- Navigation

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